Zen Kor Recruit Overseas Sales

Welcome to join us! 

We will provide quality products and perfect service.

[Job Duties]

1. Responsible for overseas sales of PCB products;

2. Strive to find potential customers, expand new sales channels, and maintain existing customer relationships;

3. Analyze customer situation, deal with customer inquiries, understand and explore customer needs and purchase desire, introduce company advantages and characteristics of products;

4. Provide professional advice to customers;

5. Collect potential customer information;

6. Responsible for the development of cooperative customer and follow up payment received.

[Job Requirements]

1. College degree or above; English, marketing and other related are preferred;

2. More than half a year's work experience in overseas sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred.

3. Have market analysis and judgement ability, good customer service consciousness;

4. Responsibility, capability to work under pressure, have good teamwork spirit and strong desire for success.

[Treatment& Welfare]

1. Salary structure: base salary + sales commission + other awards;

2. Working hours: 7.5 hours from Monday to Friday (9:00-12:00, 13:30-18:00), Saturday 9:30-12:00

3. Enjoy national legal holidays and Insurance.

4. Provide professional pre-job trainings with pay.